The grass is always greener, right…?

Ugh. It’s been a while since I’ve made a personal post.

Anyway, I got to pull off the epic win weekend I blogged about 2 weeks ago, that’s the biggest bit of news. Friday I volunteered as a cigarette girl (guide, souvenier seller and live auction bidder-pointer-outer) with Jilly and Moriah and 3 girls named Emily. Who knew there were so many Emilys (Say that 10 times fast.). It was okay…the costumes were borrowed from the Follies (old people theatre troupe, to the uninitiated…awkward.) so they were a little frumpy and we didn’t have trays/boxes (the most essential part of the costume. Period.). But I got to make them so it turned out okay (it was stressful and last minute but I’m proud of my work.) and doing 40’s-esque makeup and combing out my hair to hide my mohawk was pretty fun…soooo femme after going in a zoot suit last year! The event itself was poorly organized, but pretty fun in the end with the help of a whiskey sour or so. The dancing was probably the best part, and I even got dipped for real for the first time. Dude was huge and strong and I felt a little dirty. Didn’t help that he smirked and said “glad that I could be your first.” #-_-#

We went home and made roasted garlic hummus to eat on the drive down and packed.

On Saturday Jilly and I drove down south and saw MSI and Chantal Claret. Chantal was…quite a surprise. Somekinda blackmagicsoul? I really liked her music actually (I guess I’ve only heard her sing for Morningwood?) but most of the crowd just wasn’t amused. Sometime during the first set I had a themed drink called the Panty Shot (it was fruity. Surprised?) but passed up 2 Hookers (Fireball + Pepermint Schnapps? Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?). I was supposed to bring back a shirt for my lovely (and I wanted one too), but they were sold out of EVERYTHING. Mrr. Anyway, MSI turned out to be as good and high-energy as they were 7 years ago (I saw them the summer after I graduated high school…hehehehehe I’m ancient x_x) except they didn’t play near enough of the older stuff and Jimmy didn’t wear a tutu for Faggot, but I guess they kind of have to change things up and gear it to their new audiences (ohmyscience some of the kids in there. ugh.). After the show we kind of booked it outta there, which sucked because I was kinda hoping that maybe Jimmy might be still selling kisses these days (I doubt it, but maybe I coulda at least said hello and met the wife, neh?)

We went to CVS for black nail polish and contact solution and shampoo, then to Denny’s which was full of tuxedoed and gowned kids just out of their senior prom. Denny’s was as gross as anywhere, but the prices were reminiscent of SF. When we got back to our hotel there were no parking spaces left, so they had us park blocking people in and asked if they could take our keys, which was sketchy as fuck so we didn’t and poor Jilly had to get up early to move the car. Also our room wasn’t the room we reserved. Basically everything sucked. But, it was at least kind of worth it in the end…Sunday was Bat’s Day and Bat’s Day is FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Disneyland wasn’t exactly overwhelmed by goths….you’d only see a spooky person about every 10 minutes or so, but when they got us all together in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle…well fuck. That was pretty epic. Bigger than Death Guild XX! And I’m in the front row of the picture!! The whole day was worse than tumblr for “oh fuck, I wish I was wearing that!” High(/low)lights: met up with a bunch of gothy RISD alumni who picked us out of the crowd and took us on Indiana Jones (they had some kind of pass for 6)…apparently when I meet cool new people I introduce myself as an accountant now, instead of an artist or whatever :< but now I have a potential awesome-sauce new client in NYC? Got my silhouette done as per tradition, but realized I should have put my hair up beforehand (next year. when my love can actually come with. mohawk silhouettes. yuss.). Got upskirt groped by a little kid…jumped about 20 feet in the air. Rode the Haunted Mansion twice, got stuck both times. Was stopped by a gregarious but confused late-middle-aged couple celebrating their anniversary who “just wanted to know what the heck is going on!” and got to play goth ambassador. Tried the disneyland version of the mint julep and have to grudgingly admit they’re pretty amazing.

It was a good day.

Anyway, the drive back was kind of rough but we’re home now. Homeworking like crazy but doing well. Wondering when I’m going to have time to get ready for Fanime and stuffs. Having some really bad self-esteem stuff going on (I don’t know why it’s hitting me so hard…but I can hardly function because of it.). Etc. etc.

  1. bazillions said: MINT JULIPS AM I RIGHT???? I’m so happy you tried them :DDD and that you pulled off such a hard core weekend, damn!!
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